Friday, 22 May 2015

Mediation more dangerous than cannabis

On the day that the British regional press has been full of stories about five first year students at Lancaster University becoming 'agitated and confused' and being rushed to hospital because they "overdosed" on Spice, another, little reported story has come to light.

Psychological studies in the US and UK have revealed that those people who practice meditation, mindfulness - and even Buddhism - maybe putting themselves at risk of experiencing serious mental illness.

One in 14 of them suffered ‘profoundly adverse effects’, according to Miguel Farias, head of the brain, belief and behaviour research group at Coventry University and Catherine Wikholm, a researcher in clinical psychology at the University of Surrey.

The shortage of rigorous statistical studies into the negative effects of meditation was a ‘scandal’, Dr Farias told The Times.

‘We need to be aware that reports of benefits are often inflated ... whereas studies that do not discover significant benefits rarely pick up media interest, and negative effects are seldom talked about.’

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Latest revelations on Westminster MPs' abuse of young boys

Margaret Thatcher put forward a senior Tory MP for a knighthood despite being warned of claims he had been involved in sex parties with under-age boys, it has emerged.

Sir Peter and Lady Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher put forward a senior Tory MP for a knighthood despite being warned of claims he had been involved in sex parties with under-age boys.
Morrison, one of Mrs Thatcher's closest aides, is now widely suspected of being a child-sex pervert. He died of a heart attack in 1995 at the age of 51 but has since been linked to claims of sex abuse at children's homes in North Wales and accused of raping a 14-year-old boy.
Former Detective Chief Inspector Barry Stevens has claimed that in 1986 he told Mrs Thatcher and her private secretary Archie Hamilton about rumours of under-age boys attending sex parties at a house owned by Morrison.
Mrs Thatcher then recommended Morrison for a knighthood days after she resigned as Prime Minister in December 1990.  Three months later the Queen made the title official at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

When Mr Stevens, now 71, brought the allegations to Mrs Thatcher's attention he says Mr Hamilton took notes and both thanked him.
Mr Hamilton, now 73, says he remembers the officer had been at Downing Street but can't recall any mention of under-age boys.

Earlier this year the late Sir Peter Morrison was publicly named by one of the abused boys fathers.
He allowed the boy to go with Sir Peter, then a barrister – later Lady Thatcher’s parliamentary private secretary and Conservative Party deputy chairman – because he ‘seemed nice’.
Hours after the reported attack in 1982, the father phoned police who arranged for the boy to be medically examined.  He was taken to a police doctor in Bognor Regis the next day who confirmed the boy had ‘certainly been sexually abused’.

But the father claims Scotland Yard lied, telling him his son’s attacker had been jailed. Sir Peter – first linked to child abuse in 1998 – was never charged.

"The Boy Who Listened To Rocks" - a novel by Mark Graham.  Life in 1970s London - THE BACK STORY

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Another victim of child sex abuse names politicians and military figures

The British police and Crown Prosecution Service have managed to bring a number of radio disc jockeys and TV soap actors to court for alleged misdemenours  as trifling as touching a woman's bottom but, somehow, they are still contriving to 'fumble the catch' when it comes to arresting senior Establishment figures who, for more than 20 years, have been accused of far more serious crimes.

Here is an extract from a BBC radio interview taped a few days ago:

A victim of the alleged Dolphin Square sex ring claims he witnessed boys as young as eight being forced to perform horrifying sex acts by military figures and politicians.

'There was a further occasion when I was taken to a property in Notting Hill when there was two brothers aged eight and 10 who were being sexually tortured and I tried to intervene and I was beaten unconscious.
'It was appalling sexual abuse.'

At one such event he claims to have witnessed two brothers - aged between eight and 10 years old - brought out wearing only bathrobes, drugged and forced to sexually assault each other while groups of men looked on and drank.

He told BBC Radio Four's World at One programme of a party near Whitehall or Westminster where those in attendance were celebrating the election of Margaret Thatcher as party leader, and where boys of 15 engaged in sex acts with older men.  He said that during the night he was forced to perform a sex act on two politicians.

'At a house party in Essex. I saw a man leading a 12-year-old boy down a corridor.
'Until the day I die I will never forget the expression on that young man's face, I tried to look reassuring, to try and give him something that resembled a smile, but I just saw the expression of fear and terror as they passed me into a bedroom. I never saw him after that.'

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Afraid of public scutiny

This week a judge in Liverpool ordered that a man in the public gallery who had made a short a video of proceedings on his iPhone be sentenced to three months in prison.

What is the matter with these people?  Why the obsession with locking up ordinary people for no good reason?  Not to mention the costs of maintaining a needlessly large prison system.  What is likely to be the cost of all of this malarkey?  A couple of thousand for the court hearing, £4,000 per week to keep a man in prison, the 'victim's' loss of earnings and damage to job prospects.  For what?  A couple of seconds shaky video of a man in funny clothes sitting on the bench.

You have to wonder what they are so afraid of.  Why do they fear an independent record of what is being said and done in 'open' court?

It is exactly like the medieval days when the church fought to maintain prayer services in Latin.   The Establishment of the day is always afraid of the common man knowing what is going on.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

New study shows alcohol damages teenage brains

A new study by Duke University of North Carolina seems to have proven what we all suspected: excessive alcohol consumption during teenage years damages the brain permanently.

Specifically, alcohol causes permanent damage to the hippocampus - the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning - and the danger period extends to the age of 20.

This study puts the research on cannabis into perspective as it shows that it is not only illegal drug taking that may cause brain damage.  It was claimed recently that exposure to cannabis in teenage years can diminish IQ.

The UK government's own scientific advisers have stated on many occasions that if alcohol were invented today it would, under the current guidelines be catagorised as a Class A drug.

As more rigorous scientific research is carried out it becomes clear that if governments choose not to ban alcohol then there can be no reason to ban cannabis.  Law, especially a law that imprisons thousands of people every year, must be based on logic and not on financial expediency or political bigotry.

From the journal 'Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research'.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Boys-for-sale Parliamentary cover up grows

The head of the Director of Public Prosecutions - the woman who, against legal advice, decided not to pursue a prosecution against Lord Janner for buggering small boys over a 20 year period - was a member of the same barristers' chambers as the disgraced Lord.

When Lord Janner was first investigated in relation to sexual offences in 1991 he sought advice from the famous libel lawyer George Carmen QC who successfully represented Jimmy Savile when he threatened to sue a number of newspapers that were about to accuse him of child abuse.

Sir Richard Henriques, the retired judge who is currently reviewing the "errors" which prevented Lord Janner from being brought to trial in the past, is understood to have regarded the late George Carman QC as a friend and mentor at the Bar.

Simon Danczuk, the Labour candidate for Rochdale who helped expose the cover up of Cyril Smith’s abusive past, said it “once again shows all the hallmarks of a small clique of people who look after themselves.”

Savile and Janner linked to each other via Carmen

The CPS said Sir Richard was unaware of a connection between Mr Carman and Lord Janner when he accepted the DPP’s invitation to review the cases.


Monday, 20 April 2015

Cannabis in Hyde Park

Roughly 10,000 people attended yesterdays pro-cannabis rally in Hyde Park, Central London.

(Pic: one of our old grow rooms in North Wales - CRIMAX )

The odour of skunk could be smelled over half a mile away according to reports.  53 people were arrested of which 10 were given warnings, 6 were given penalty notices, 21 were given bail and 16 were taken into custody.

Stuart Harper of Norml UK, which planned the event, said police were generally accepting of the protest, “but … some people simply allowed their exuberance to overtake themselves."

Paul Birch, of the 'Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol' party said, "“You can’t stop events like today; it’s a global movement. That ship has sailed."

Th latest public opinion figures show that 49% of British adults are opposed to the legalisation of cannabis and 32% are in favour.  The 'those in favour of legalisation' figure is slightly down on previous polling results and may be due in some measure to the UK government's on-going propaganda war that continues to insist that "all drugs are equally dangerous".