Saturday, 27 June 2015

Lord Janner and sex abuse of young boys - continues

An independent lawyer is to overturn the controversial decision that Lord Janner should not face justice over a string of paedophile allegations.

The U-turn by prosecutors means a court will now hear historical child sex claims against the disgraced former Labour MP.

The Labour peer is suspected of carrying out 22 sex attacks against young victims, including a girl, who were in local authority care. They allegedly took place over 19 years and include: 14 indecent assaults on a male under 16 between 1969 and 1988; two indecent assaults between 1984 and 1988; four counts of serious sexual assault on a male under 16 between 1972 and 1987; two counts of serious sexual assault between 1977 and 1988.

Around 25 victims are thought to have contacted police as part of the investigation. The main claims investigated by Leicestershire Police centre on Janner’s alleged friendship with Frank Beck, a paedophile care home manager jailed in 1991 for a string of sex offences.

In addition to the above allegations, another complainant,  Ray Dunkley, now 56,  said he was indecently assaulted when Janner visited his primary school in 1966 – four years before he was elected an MP.

Alison Saunders, the Director of the Crown Prosecution Service who took the decision not to prosecute Lord Janner received a pay packet of almost £600,000 last year.  She was given an annual salary of £205,000 and £393,000 in pension contributions.

 The ‘mental incapacity’ strategy now being employed by Lord Janner’s solicitors is a well-tried ruse ever since Ernest Saunders, the then chairman of the Guinness brewing conglomerate, pulled it off.  (After being released early from an open prison having been ‘diagnosed’ with dementia he went on to become CEO of a major financial institution).

Similarly Labour MP Margaret Moran managed to escape a trial at which she was to be accused of a fraud against taxpayers totalling £80,000.  In 2010 she was an assistant whip to HM Treasury; following her indictment she stood down as an MP.  On 6th September 2011  Keir Starmer, Director of Public Prosecutions, said the charges followed a lengthy inquiry into claims made to furnish and improve her main residences.  "Having thoroughly reviewed the evidence gathered by the police, we have decided there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest to bring criminal charges against Margaret Moran.

She made her first appearance in court on 19th September 2011.  By December of the same year she had managed to convince psychiatrists and the court that she was unfit to stand trial due to excessive anxiety – the anxiety caused by the thought of going to prison for fraud.  The court accepted that in little over one year she had gone from having the mental capacity to be able to control a major office of state to being incapable of understanding the charges against her.

If her mental acumen was so easily derailed one wonders what she was doing holding high office in the first place and how many others in government have a similar shaky grasp of reality.

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Friday, 26 June 2015

Stephen Fry and Prince Charles

After admitting he snorted cocaine in Buckingham Palace and Clarence House, Stephen Fry might have expected a frosty reception from senior Royals. But the comedian reveals that Prince Charles has forgiven him, and their friendship has not been affected.
Stephen Fry and Prince Charles.

Fry, 57, says, "It’s fair to say that he knows I am naughty. He is not a judgmental, mean, prissy sort of man."

Fry, who is bipolar and suffers from depression, says the drugs helped him cope with his mood swings before his condition was diagnosed. "If you have a condition when your moods are victim to some strange illness inside your mind and brain but you don’t know you have got an actual illness with a name, alcohol and street drugs change your mood in a way that nothing else will." No doubt with an eye on having his collar felt by the boys in blue he adds, "It is, of course, a bad idea and it exacerbates the problem." Not that having Prince Charles as a pal in any way influences the issue.

At Buckingham Palace there is a long and noble tradition of 'drug-taking'. The Beatles famously smoked cannabis when they attended the palace to be presented with their MBEs.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Lord Janner accused in Parliament of child abuse

Breaking news from the BBC (23 June 2015):

Lord Janner has been accused in Parliament of being a serial abuser who attacked children inside the Palace of Westminster.

Labour MP Simon Danczuk said police had told him they wanted to bring 22 historical charges against Lord Janner, dating between 1969 and 1988.

Speaking in a Westminster Hall debate about the Crown Prosecution Service, Mr Danczuk said: "I have met with Leicestershire police and discussed the allegations in detail.

"Children being violated, raped and tortured - some in the very building in which we now sit."

The Rochdale MP continued: "If Lord Janner really is too ill to face prosecution, then why can't the courts establish this with a fitness to plead process?

"This would clear up doubts that still linger, for example why he was still visiting parliament on official visits after he was declared unfit to face justice."

"Personally I fail to see how the knowledge that a peer of the realm is a serial child abuser is not in the public interest," the MP added.

More at: Mark Graham - Abergele

Cabinet minister admits British justice is mostly crap

Michael Gove, 'Justice' Secretary: “Despite our deserved global reputation for legal services, not every element of our justice system is world-beating. While those with money can secure the finest legal provision in the world, the reality in our courts for many of our citizens is that the justice system is failing them. Badly.”

Responding to the speech, Lord Falconer, Labour’s shadow justice secretary, said: “People will be bemused by the sight of the justice secretary complaining of a two-nation justice system. Since the Tories took office, access to justice has been all but dismantled for the poorest in our society.”

But let's not forget which party introduced nearly 4,000 new laws without providing the financial framework to cope with them.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Bad government -it's genetic

Big government is a parasite

Everything that lives on this planet does so by killing something else and living off it. That is the one basic law that rules the planet.

Humans obey this law and every entity we construct similarly exists by the same law.

The balancing force is that when a predator becomes too successful and consumes most of the food supply, that species dies back.

We are some way of achieving that balance with our government structures. Big governments are still growing bigger and there are still seven billion people on the planet to feed off.

Hitler and Stalin were opportunists murderers but even they were not capable of killing tens of millions of people without a considerable amount of help. Who were their 'little helpers'? Who were the murderous equivalents of Santa's little elves?

They were the bureaucrats, the administrators, the clerks, the legal advisors, the police, the generals, the judges. All the very respectable middle class citizens who were the pillars of their society. In the evening they went home to their loving wives and playful laughing children. And they were all so happy and content - facilitating the imprisonment and killing of all the other criminals, dissidents and troublemakers.

So what made the Nazis different to us? Simply that the Germans were more efficient at it.

Our government operates under the exact same principles except that Hitler gave eugenics a bad name - with the result that our people have to be more careful how it is practised.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Drug use guidelines

More evidence that, in spite of government intransigence, progress continues to be made in  the field of supplying proper drug advice to the population.

Dr Adam Winstock and Professor Michael Lynskey from Kings College, London, have produced advice in the form of an App for younger potential users.  Though couched in the most cautious language for obvious legal reasons, even the splenetically right wing Daily Mail newspaper has felt able to reproduce extracts from the report.

The App currently deals only with cannabis but it is noteworthy that 'Alcohol' is also on the 'potentially harmful drugs list' and is not being given the usual special treatment whereby the establishment contrives to cover up the harm it causes.

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Another passing bandwagon on which to jump

Remember how just a few years ago our all-knowing government were telling us that, if we wanted to be considered righteous citizens we should all purchase diesel vehicles instead of petrol?

Remember how they then hiked the tax on diesel fuel when we all switched?

A couple of years later these same know-alls announced that they had now discovered the emissions from diesel engines were more harmful than petrol.  The vehicle industry immediately responded by redesigning diesel engines to reduce the small particle emissions and thus make them safe.

Islington Council in London have, this month, decided to levy an extra charge of £96 per year on residents who own a diesel engine car, citing the now irrelevant pollution excuse.

Never let reason or logic get in the way of screwing the public.